Meet Play Live has created a series of children's stories where you can press any word and it will be read to you. Two stories featuring Jake and Jade the Pirate Monkeys™ are included on Bananax! Each story is made up of over 150 unique words for your child to learn to read. When first learning, your child can have the story read to them. They can also select to read the story themselves. In both modes, words can be touched and they will be read to your child.

Try them Online in your web browser by selecting the links below. Only Bananax allows you to try Online first.

*Note - computer required. Trial versions do not work on phones and tablets.

Seashell Pie™

Seashell Pie

Seashell Pie is a story featuring Jake and Jade the Pirate Monkeys™. Jake wants a Banana Cream Pie but doesn't want to make one. Jade offers to make one for him using just a seashell. Jade tricks Jake into getting all of the other ingredients by breaking the large task into much smaller, easier tasks that Jake thinks is his own idea to accomplish.

Besides learning a larger vocabulary, Seashell Pie teaches children that large tasks feel like much less work when broken up into smaller components.

Three Little Monkeys™

Three Little Monkeys

Three Little Monkeys introduces Oliver, Jake's cousin, in another story featuring Jake and Jade the Pirate Monkeys™. Jake and Jade are visiting Granny Mabel. Jake's cousin Oliver is there! The three little monkeys want to play sword fighting. A storm is brewing and they need to build their huts. Oliver and Jake hurry to finish. Only Jade takes her time and does the job right. Oliver and Jake lose their huts but Jade's survives the storm and saves the day!

Besides learning a larger vocabulary, Three Little Monkeys teaches children that to take their time and do the job right, so that they will have more time later to play.