New Game! Pirate Monkey Run!

Children Go Bananas For Bananax

Help Jake and Jade, everyone's favorite Pirate Monkeys, collect Bananas and Coconuts. Race along the path grabbing valuable bananas while avoiding obstacles. Jump over flower pots and skulls. Roll under flower stands and boat stands. Avoid charging pigs and bouncing beach balls. Watch out for crate stacks, rocks, and more.

Find power-ups along the way. Grab a tasty pineapple for invincibility! A Banana Magnet attracts Bananas from any lane. Score multipliers increase your score quickly for a high score.

* Jake and Jade for the first time in 3D!

Children Go Bananas for Bananax Software

Children Go Bananas For Bananax

All Bananax Software has a bright colorful interfaces to attract children into the world of Jake and Jade, the Pirate Monkeys.

Every Jake and Jade title has over 75 phrases of encouragement. Children will never lose. There are no penalties for incorrect answers, as children learn more from trying again until they get the answer right.

Parents Love Bananax Software

Parents Love Bananax

Parents can play along with their child since Bananax games can be fun and entertaining for adults too.

All Bananax Software titles are specially designed to prepare and help your child for their future. Parents appreciate the educational title designed with the help of top educaters. Banax Games help fill their idle times keeping your child occupied in a child freindly safe environment.

Play on Multiple Platforms

Play For Real

Bananax Software is available on:


  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • iPhones, iPods, and iPads
  • Xbox ONE
  • Windows 10 PCs and Mobile Devices.

Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Bananax Software is specially designed to entertain your child and in a fun, replayable way.

* NOTE - Not every title is available on every platform.